AUTOMHA – Delivering the highest standards to warehousing automation

Welcome to Automha.  In order for your company to gain the competitive advantage you want, you need a reliable warehousing solutions that will automate your flow of goods.  Our warehousing solutions will eliminate aisles and cut down costly operational costs all while increasing productivity.  The Automha warehousing solutions have been trusted by many of the world’s best warehouse operations.  We are committed to being the most trusted partner of quality automated warehousing systems in the global marketplace.

AUTOSAT® Shuttle- Advanced semi-automatic high density storage solution

The AUTOSAT® is a semi-automatic shuttle that transforms any warehouse into a high throughput, maximized space saving, labor and equipment cost cutting operations.

With a click of the remote control, a lift truck operator can tell up to 4 AUTOSAT® shuttles to start loading and unloading pallets in the rack tunnels.  The AUTOSAT® Shuttle offers plenty of benefits that will give your customers a competitive advantage.

AUTOSATMOVERAdvanced fully automatic high density storage solution

The Autosatmover is a fully automated warehousing system that allows you to run your operations at almost a limitless  deep lane storage capacity.  It effortlessly picks up the AUTOSAT® Shuttle and brings it to its designated tunnel/storage level so the AUTOSAT® can do its work.  By eliminating the need for a forklift operator, you gain great flexibility, speed and a significant amount of cost savings.

What’s great about the fully automated Autosatmover system is that it comes with a WMS software system built with the entire system to track your goods and ensure high efficiencies.  Additionally, the AUTOSAT® Shuttles are powered directly by Autosatmover units, meaning no battery on board, no need for charging and no time to stop charging!

Many warehouse operations all over the world put their trust in Automha to automate their operations, you should seriously considering doing the same to gain the competitive advantage you want and need.  Grow your business with Automha.

Automha is Headquartered in Italy.  Click here view the website.